Who Pilots The Flying Saucers



The legendary and mythical tape album recorded between 1989 and 1991 on mostly borrowed equipment then assembled in a cut-up style in late 91. Released in 1992 on cassette and available via mail order. (Note: 21/01/2024 available as a downloadable file only)

We were all in other bands at the time but they were punk and we had ideas for “experimental electronic music” so we would get together to jam our weird ideas – but the equipment very bad – it was whatever we could find or borrow.

For example – on the track Majick Lessons the voice samples and the fabulous congas are being played out of a borrowed Casio toy keyboard, which came from a charity shop.

After a year or two we had a bunch of tapes some were just noises, and each of them went on for about 15 minutes, variations on a theme. We’d get together, jam and laugh at the silliness then next week do it again.

Once we started gigging – really just doing variations on three songs (voodoo, oracle and microgamma) , people asked for a cassette – so we assembled the best bits of our messing about and to our surprise people really liked it.

The tapes started to sell in head shops, via mail order, and at gigs. This is that very first tape.

Audio Format Details

The files are provided as downloads at

  • Two MP3s at 320Kbs. (120 mb)
  • 24 bit Wave files are available on request after purchase. The file is 1GB

The audio was “remastered” in 2020 from the DAT tapes created in 1992. The  DATs used to go to the Cassette reproduction plant every time a new run was required. The DAT tapes are old now so little errors were patched-up using audio magic.  The very first tapes produced in 1991 were done directly from analogue tape. The second and successive batches all came from these DAT tapes.


NOTE: Sadly we can’t offer cassettes at this time (21/01/2024) as we don’t have them, not for a few decades! Digital files only for the forseeable.