TimeShard member Gobber has passed away

Very sad news everyone. Gobber passed away this morning. 15/06/2021.

Timeshard member Gobber during the recording of Crystal Oscillations

Gobber was an inspirational figure in music, not only in TimeShard, but across the live music scene.
Gobber’s life was dedicated to live music, running gigs, mixing bands and he was the backbone of many free-festival stages, squat stages, then events, venues, mixing and helping out bands and producers

Gobber’s drive to perform live is the sole reason TimeShard became a gigging band, because the other two merely thought we were just having a laugh making weird music as a hang-out away from our “real bands” where we were making “real” music, but Gobber insisted we take it live, and booked us on a bill he was organising. 1988, at Hardman House we managed to perform 20 minutes of confusing electronic experimental music. Psy and Steve were glad to have survived it … and Gobber, true to his nature, had booked us another gig for the following week.Then another. And that’s how we became a live electronic music act, little by little he made it happen. As he did for so many bands.

Gobber had problems with his health for a couple of years, and eventually succumbed on 15/06/2021 , he was 60 years old. He is survived by his partner Paula.

TimeShard interview & performance – MTV ’94

In 1994 we were promoting the release of Crystal Oscillations, interviewed a bit, then apparently the show was filmed too. At the time we didn’t see this broadcast, but it’s turned up on YouTube thanks to marvellous archivist.

TimeShard Album Re-release: Hunab Ku

The expanded edition of Timeshard’s second album Hunab Ku is available to download and stream from various online outlets. This expanded edition also includes two of the tracks from the band’s ‘Zero’ EP which was released in 1995. You can preview all of the tracks via this link and if you like what you hear, you can then click through to various online platforms to download or stream the tracks in full:


Metatron’s Cube Video

This video for the track ‘Metatron’s Cube’ was produced by friend of the band David Bickley and was used by Planet Dog to promote Timeshard’s album Hunab Ku back in 1996. It’s a proper rarity that was only ever shown a handful of times on MTV’s late night ‘Chillout Zone’ broadcasts before being consigned to Planet Dog’s video vault where it has languished ever since. This is the first time it has been available to view since 1996!

Crystal Oscillations – TimeShard Album Re-Release!

Amazing news, an Expanded Edition of Crystal Oscillations is out now. Thanks to Planet Dog Records & Michael Dog!The expanded edition of Crystal Oscillations, Timeshard’s 1994 debut for Planet Dog Records is now available to download and stream from various online platforms. This version includes two bonus tracks taken from the band’s 1995 mini-album ‘Zero (Ourobos)’ which have not previously been available online. You can hear previews of all of the tracks and click through to various download and streaming portals right here: http://cherryred.co/TimeshardCrystal

TimeShard – Squonk (Live in the 90s)

In a minor miracle I recovered the original video for squonk from a 20 year old hard drive! Here it is in all its VHS saturated glory. This video had been up on youtube since 2007, in very low definition. This is the real deal