Ephemera, images, flyers, posters

Flyers and artwork from the many eras of Time Shard

All the artwork for TimeShard’s early posters, flyers and festival booklets was created by Psi Shard. Cutting up bits of old magazines with a scalpel and taking them down to the university photocopy centre where he printed them up.

Then the next week the poster would feature a photocopy of the previous week’s text, so the cool photocopy texture was magnified as it degraded. Here are a bunch of those images from the archives.

Promotional poster for the first tape, which was sent out to record shops & head shops
Rehearsing in the warehouse of Echo and the Bunnymen. Personnel: Psi, Angstrom, Gobber
TimeShard, travelling through time
Steve Angstrom’s mid-show heatstroke avoidance striptease.
Another poster created by TimeShard collage artist and sound maker Psi
Primitive music making technology as used in 1991 , TimeShard member Steve Angstrom’s setup
1993ish Live
A gig at the Liverpool University in 1996
Megatripolis – we supported Dr Rupert Sheldrake. He was throwing down mad beats *(no he wasn’t)
Crystal Oscillations album (1994) was originally to be released on Liverpool based 3beat records but was snapped up by Planet Dog records and released under that label.
1989 TimeShard were named “TimeShard Doomslayer” . The Cosmos Club on Seel street was a regular haunt and place for us to do our very first gigs.
From a festival booklet – 1990 – collage by Psi, crazy talk by “Steve F” (Steve Angstrom)
In 1992 and 1993 Steve Angstrom spent some hazy time in India and decided to live on a boat on the Ganges and learn to play Sitar. When he returned to Europe he tormented people with his Sitar playing on the album Crystal Oscillations and also on the Peel Sessions which followed.

Angstrom: “Tarak Nath was my teacher and his father Nitai Chandra Nath was the esteemed sitar maker . They were very kind and sold me a reconditioned sitar which I watched Babu Nath make over the period of two weeks. I think he didn’t love the idea of selling me a really great sitar at a very low price but his son convinced him I was actually putting the effort in. 8 hours a day of practice “