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Time Shard were one of the innovators in underground UK electronic dance music during the ‘second summer of love’ in 1989. During their first five years Gobber, Psi and Angstrom became known as one of the UK’s first live ‘acid house’ acts, during this time they developed a sound which (later) became known as Psychedelic trance although at the time they were often described as producing Ambient or Shamanic Trance music.

Album Re-Release : Crystal Oscillations (Expanded Edition)

Amazing news, an Expanded Edition of Crystal Oscillations is out now!

The expanded edition of Crystal Oscillations, Timeshard’s 1994 debut for Planet Dog Records is now available to download and stream from various online platforms.

This version includes two bonus tracks taken from the band’s 1995 mini-album ‘Zero (Ourobos)’ which have not previously been available online. You can hear previews of all of the tracks and click through to various download and streaming portals right here: https://cherryred.co/TimeshardCrystal

Stream – Timeshard – Crystal Oscillations – Expanded Edition

TimeShard Cassette Albums (1991 – 1992)

Hypoborean dome temples of Apollo and Who Pilots the Flying saucers are available in the shop alongside other rare tracks and some out-takes.

Tracklisting – Who Pilots the Flying Saucers

A2Virtual Sex
A5Voodoo Chronometer
A6Majick Lessons X°
B2King Canary

Tracklisting – Hypoborean Dome Temples of Apollo

AHypoborean Dome Temples Of Apollo
B1Twelfth Planet
B3Time Dilation