Hypoborean Dome Temples of Apollo


The Timeshard cassette album Hypoborean Dome Temples of Apollo available to buy as a downloadable MP3 at 320Kbps (remastered)


The Time shard tape album recorded between 1991 and 1992.

Side 1 is a live performance on BBC Radio for Roger Hill’s show.  We played it live in the BBC studio as one 30 minute piece and what you hear there represents what we were doing live at the time.

Side two was recorded in a variety of places including in Echo and the Bunnymen’s warehouse.  In fact, on the track “Rama” you can hear their sampler being used with their samples !  The recognisable Shakuhachi flute sound from various 1980s tracks such as Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer is heard here and is from their Emulator II sampler.

Released  1992 on cassette and available via mail order. You might ask “why is it called ‘Hypoborean’ rather than the historically correct ‘Hyperborea’ ? ”
All I remember is that we had a very clever reason which I have now forgotten related to wanting it to be within the north wind.

Audio Format Details

The file is an Mp3 at 320Kbs.

The audio was “remastered” in 2020 from the DAT tapes created in 1992. The  DATs used to go to the Cassette reproduction plant every time a new run was required. The DAT tapes are old now so little errors were patched-up using audio magic and stickytape.