If you make music yourself you might be interested in the equipment used by TimeShard between the years 1988 and 2000 .

Naturally this changed over time. but here’s some of the equipment we used in a slightly date order.

During the cassette albums

Mattel Synsonics drum machine, an analogue drum synth which could make just 4 unconvincing noises
Fostex X-15 Four track tape recorder, with speed control, records onto standard cassette tapes.
Casio CZ101 – great for basslines, and weird pad noises
Synthesizer : Yamaha CS01 – horrible little toy synth with built in speaker which barely makes a good noise, no matter what anyone tells you
Sampler: Casio SK05 , can sample around 5 seconds in really low quality, comes with some comedy build in sounds like the dog bark which you can hear all over the cassette albums!
Synthesizer: Moog / Realistic Concertmate MG-1. Moog made this for the retail market and sold it under the Realistic brand which was RadioShack / Tandy in the UK. Similar to a Rogue, with an additional “organ” section
Synthesizer: Moog Polymoog. A polyphonic Moog which most people know from Gary Newmans hits. It was in dire need of repair, and weighed a ton, we never took it to gigs.